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Summer Golf!

As the days get longer and the weather warms up, golfers everywhere start feeling that familiar itch: the urge to grab their clubs and head for the course. But beyond the escape from the daily grind, there are some compelling reasons why summer is the prime season to swing into action.

Soak Up the Sun (and the Good Game)

First and foremost, summer offers ideal playing conditions. Warm weather makes those early mornings and late-afternoon rounds much more enjoyable.  There's no battling the cold or bundling up in layers that restrict your swing. Plus, sunshine can actually improve your game! The warmer air allows the ball to travel further, giving you that extra boost of confidence (and maybe a few more birdies).

Get Your Vitamin D Dose (and Exercise Too!)

A round of golf can easily rack up several miles of walking, keeping your heart rate up and burning calories. It's a fantastic way to get your daily dose of exercise while enjoying the outdoors.  And that sunshine? It's a natural source of Vitamin D, essential for bone health and overall well-being.

Hit the Greens with Friends (Safely!)

Golf is a social sport by nature, and summer provides the perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family for a round.  The spacious layout of a course allows for plenty of social distancing, making it a safe way to connect and have some fun. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, there's room for everyone on the course.

Sharpen Your Skills (and Maybe Your Temperament)

With longer daylight hours, you have more opportunities to practice and hone your game. Consistent play throughout the summer allows you to build on your skills and develop a smoother swing. Plus, the beautiful summer scenery can provide a calming influence, even on those frustrating days when your putting just isn't on point.

So, dust off your clubs, call up your friends, and make the most of the glorious summer weather. The course is calling, and there's no better time to answer than under the warm summer sun.

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