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Junior Group Lessons

My aim is to encourage more juniors to be playing golf. In every lesson I make sure every junior is having fun. All the sessions are relaxed and friendly to get the kids enjoying the sessions so they can get the most out of them. We have a structure in place that allows complete beginners to join our group sessions and make their way through to our academy sessions which has them playing out on the main course. A lot of the early lessons focus around short game moving their way through the bag up to the drivers

Sessions are available on

  • Saturday – 10-11 & 11-12

  • Sunday – 10-11

I only have 8 kids maximum in each session and the sessions just run each week. This stops you having to pay for sessions that you are unable to attend. Each session is £7.50 per child per week.  


As they develop into little golfers, I run an academy class on a Saturday afternoon that takes them out onto the main course and introduces them to the golf club and working towards a handicap if they choose to do so. I also encourage them to take part in the Hertfordshire golf competitions, The Futures Tour and The I Tour. This will give them great experience and get to meet other kids as well.

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