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What more to say about Nelly Korda and Scottie Scheffler?

Winning a golf event is a massive achievement, many players never win 1. Winning a major is an even bigger achievement, most players never win 1. But what if you just win every event you enter? That it what has happened for Nelly Korda, winning her last 5 events becoming only the 3rd player on the LPGA to do so and the 6th in history for both men and women. The last of those events was the first major for the Ladies tour, The Chevron Championship.

Nelly's run has been so amazing that she has had to pull out of her next event due to exhaustion. She said she having played 4 events in the last 5 weeks she needs to listen to her body and rest with so much of the season still to go. What Nelly has achieved is truly extraordinary, it really deserves more attention than its getting.

This feat was almost matched by Scottie Scheffler on the PGA Tour. After winning The Masters last week Scottie followed it up with his 4th win in his last 5 events by taking the RBC Heritage. The competition was delayed due to bad weather but Scottie returned on Monday with a 5 shot lead to close out the victory. The one tournament he didn't win he finished 2nd, missing an 8 foot putt to force a playoff.

With plenty of the season to come could these 2 have complete domination for the whole year? It is going to be interesting to watch

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