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What next for Tiger?

Tiger Woods made his long anticipated return to the PGA tour last week at the Genesis Invitational that he hosts. He showed signs of brilliant play with some rusty looking shots as he made 5 birdies and 6 bogeys in his first round. This included a shank down the 18th after suffering with back spasms over the previous few holes.

Day 2 started well with a birdie at the 1st but bogeys at the 4th and 5th left him 2 over par and a lot of work to do to make the weekend. Sadly we never got to find out if he could make it as he withdrew after hole 6 due to illness. He would later reveal he was suffering with influenza.

With Tiger only playing once a month due to his injuries, he is not expected not play until The Players championship in March. You have to admire his drive to want to compete with the best players in the world but is he doing himself more harm by trying to compete in these events?

Many people believe he could still win another event but personally I can't see how his body is going to let him compete at the top level over 4 rounds. He has to go through a number of warm downs and massages to get ready for the next day after each round and with only play competitively once a month is he going to be able to find his edge?

It is a great example of pure love for the game to want to compete and to still think he can win but sadly I can't see it happening.

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