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Warmer golf is almost here

As the weather is slowly turning to warmer temperatures it should start to get a little bit easier out there. So many courses across the country have struggled this winter with some pretty bad flooding which has left many courses closed but if you were lucky enough to get out it wasn't that pleasant.

You may have started to notice the ball is travelling a little further through the air and we are starting to get a little more roll when it hits the ground. These need to be taken into consideration when playing, we don't want to start playing ourselves into trouble. The other big area the weather will impact is fitness. As the temperature increases we are likely to sweat more and use more energy around the course. Make sure you take plenty of food and drinks round. The best thing to do is have a little on each tee to keep energy levels maintained. Eating a mars bar after 9 holes is only going to shoot our energy levels up very quickly before they crash again a few holes later.

I can't wait for the season to start and with the clocks changing this week as well its all looking very promising.

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