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Scottie Wins Again

For the 6th time this season Scottie Scheffler has won on the PGA Tour. This was a hard fought victory with a playoff victory over his good friend Tom Kim. The final day was an enthralling battle between the 2. As they came to the last green Kim was one shot behind needing to beat Scottie by 1 to force the playoff. Scottie played his approach to around 25 feet giving Kim a chance to knock it in closer. His approach looked good all the way and missed by an inch to make a 2. The ball would then spin back around 10 feet.

Sadly as the last group lined up their putts 4 climate activists stormed the green letting of paint and wearing t-shirts that said 'no golf on a dead planet'. It took around 5 minutes for them to be cleared the and players composed themselves to take their putts. Scottie had his putt to win in normal time but missed by 3 inches. This left Tom his putt to force the playoff. As soon as he hit it he knew it was on its way in.

The playoff was to take place on the 18th hole but the hole had to be moved due to the paint on the green. The playoff hole didn't go to plan for Kim and Scottie walked away with his 6th victory of the season. A lot of comparisons have been made to Tiger Woods and his season in 2000 when he won 9 events. Many said that was a feet that would be hard to match even for Scottie but he has become only the 2nd person in golf's history to win 6 events before July 1st, the other being the late great Arnold Palmer, who did it twice.

With The Open just a few weeks away Scottie will make it as favourite for all 4 majors this year.

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