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Scottie Can Putt!

Sunday saw Scotties Scheffler win the AVP invitational for the 2nd time in 3 years with a very comprehensive 5 shot victory. He went into the final day as joint leader with Shane Lowry but after he Scottie made a birdie at the first and Shane made bogey that was as close as the competition really got.

A lot has been said about Scheffler's technique when he burst to world number 1 a couple years ago but he has remained as the one the starts on the tour. His issues over the last year have all been about putting. When it comes to statistics, he would be in the top 3 for nearly everything except putting where he would find himself in the bottom half even in the bottom 5.

He tried a number of different things but this week saw the introduction of a new putter, a mallet head rather than the typical blade. It was something Rory McIlroy suggested a few weeks before on TV so maybe Scottie listened. The first day didn't seem any difference but the 2nd and 3rd he was in a positive number for strokes gained with the putting, a sign to everyone else to watch out. Then in the final round it was like he couldn't miss. He went on to hole all 16 putts he had from 15 feet and in, all of them! Just to put that into perspective tour average from 10 feet is 4 out of 10.

It is an ominous sign for the rest of the field with The Players championship taking place this week and The Masters just 4 weeks away.

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