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RIP Grayson Murray

On Saturday the PGA tour announced some very sad news with the passing of Grayson Murray who was just 30 years old. Grayson has become well known on tour with 2 wins but mainly for speaking publicly about his alcohol and mental health issues. On Friday Grayson had to withdraw from his 2nd round due to illness.

His parents announced the very sad news that Grayson had taken his own life. They wished that the PGA tour event continued as normal with many players sharing stories of Grayson and their sadness at what had happened. On the final day players wore a red or black pin in honour of Grayson as he would wear the colours on the last day of competition.

As mental health issues become even more open in todays society it doesn't mean that they are spoken about enough. Make sure you take the time to check in on family and friends even if they seem to be turning up week in week out. A high percentage of people show no outward signs of struggle.

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