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Playing Summer Golf

It's been a few weeks since we had any kind of proper rain and the ground has got a lot harder making the game a little bit different. Here are a few things to consider -

  1. Think about which club to hit off the tee, the ball will roll a lot further so you may not need to hit driver off every tee.

  2. The same applies to the approach shot. Unless you are getting a lot of height, sometimes that still doesn't matter, the ball will not stop on the green so think about where you need to land the ball to finish on the green.

  3. Short game it key - with it being much harder to get the ball to stop on the green we may need to chip a bit more so getting plenty of short game practice could make a big difference.

  4. Food/Drink - it amazes me the amount of people that don't take any food or drink out on the golf course with them. With the temperature being warmer it will take more energy to get round so having snacks and water is essential. It is best to eat seeds/nuts and have a small handful on each tee with some water. If you go to drink because you are thirsty it's too late your already de-hydrated.

Keep in mind these few things to help improve your scores over the summer.

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