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Not the return Kim wanted

Anthony Kim returned to competitive action last week on the LIV Tour. He hasn't played competitively for 11 years after a back injury prevented him playing and he took an insurance pay out to retire. Then out of know where it was rumoured he would sign for LIV and when those rumours start they tend to be true.

A lot of promotional stuff was done with Kim ahead of the competition, LIV seeing this a big deal but the hype didn't live up to the result. After making a birdie in the first round to get back to level par after just dropping a shot Kim would go on to make another 6 bogeys and no birdies. The 2nd day wasn't any better with another +6 round. The final day was slightly better with a +4 round but his total of +16 was enough for last place by 11 shots.

Now I don't know what he true intentions for this competition were or if he sees this as a full time thing again but to finish 11 shots behind 2nd to last and massive 33 shots behind the leader is an almighty task to come back from. You have seen players have time off and return to action and be competitive maybe not to win but to make cuts. This performance was so far off it is going to take a lot of work to get back there, if that is his plan.

My issue with this result is the way LIV use their players. Someone lost their spot for Kim to play. He didn't qualify for the event he was given it at the expense of someone else. As LIV has so little followers and not a big media coverage you don't really hear any moans and groans from players about this sort of thing but it must have an impact on some players livelihoods.

After LIV had had a strong start by signing Rahm, Hatton and Meronk this must be a bit of an error on their part.

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