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I guess we have to say well done to Brooks Koepka.....

Anyone that knows me will know that I am not a Brooks Koepka fan. He is obviously a very talented golfer but his attitude is far too arrogant for me. I understand you have to be confident to compete like he does but you only have to look at other golfers to see it can be done in a better way.

Credit where credit is due though, he did play extremely well all week. Anyone who has watched the Netflix documentary for Full Swing will see how low he was with injuries and form, many saying it was the main reason for taking the money on LIV because he couldn't see a way back to winning ways and the money secured his future. Since joining LIV he has won 2 occasions and also came close to last months Masters. He was asked at The Masters would you have moved had your form been like this to which he said it would have been a harder decision.

The big story that came out of the PGA was PGA professional Michael Block. This was his 5th attempted at playing in the competition and the 1st time he made the cut at 46 years old. He ended up making a hole in one of his final round and made an unbelievable up and down on the last to guarantee him a slot at next years PGA Championship. It was a brilliant achievement and he got such a great reception all weekend from the crowd.

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