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Did a tee cost Wyndham Clark?

Scottie Scheffler proved once again why he is world number one becoming the first player to defend The Players championship and make it back to back wins on the PGA Tour. He struggled with injury throughout the 4 days but that didn't stop him shooting a 64 on the final day to post -20.

This left Brian Harmen, Xander Schauffele and Wyndham Clark needing to make birdie on the last hole. The first two failed and when Clark stepped up and hit his putt it looked good all the way until it lipped out and handed victory to Scheffler. For the first time in tour history we had the same winner and runner up in back to back weeks.

The one shot that may come back to haunt Clark was his tee shot at 17 on Saturday. Now obviously there was a lot of golf between that and Sunday but his fat shot ending in the water resulted in a bogey and he would end up missing the playoff by 1. The big question about the shot on Saturday was 'why didn't he tee it up'? Even though he had a wedge in his hand a lot of players still tee the ball up to help with the strike. It left all the commentators questioning his decision.

He then played again hitting it close and holing the putt for bogey, had he done that first time he could have had birdie and been 2 shots better off which could have led to victory.

All in all it was a great competition and shows the power still left on the PGA Tour as the golf world still deals with the split of LIV. The big names from LIV were missed but there golf provided by the starts that are left showed why this is still the best place to be.

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