What else can we say about Scotty Scheffler

I guess it was inevitable that Scottie Scheffler would walk way as Masters champion. The form he has been in this year is on another level to everyone else.

It was quite fitting, that the final 2 ball on Sunday was Scottie and Cam Smith, the two in form players this year. Before the Masters they between them had won 5 of the biggest 6 events of the year so far which has now become 6 out of 7. It was an interesting battle between the two with Cam needing to be more aggressive as he had a shot deficit to make up. He started brilliantly as well making birdies at 1 & 2 before a big swing on 3. Both players hit poor tee shots and approaches which left them in almost the exact same spot. Scottie played first and holed it, Cam would make bogey and the 3 shot lead restored. After that is was an uphill battle for Cam pushing all he could but that birdie seemed to calm the nerves of Scottie. The hunt then ended on the 12th when Cam made a treble bogey 6. This seemed to relax Scottie even more and his lead grew allowing him to 4 putt that last and still win by 3. You won’t see that every day.

The other big performance on the last day came from Rory McIlroy. He shot a superb 64 to go from +1 to -7. It would leave him 2nd for his 7th top ten finish but the truth is he was never really in the hunt. This has been an ongoing problem for Rory. By the last round he is out of contention but as he seems so relaxed, he goes out and shoots great scores throwing him up the leader board. His stats then look good but he never really had a chance to win unless the leaders had a meltdown like he did years ago. He did provide one the shots of the tournament holing his bunker shot on the last to get an almighty roar from the patrons. This was then followed in by Morikawa doing the same thing. He shot a great 67 but it gets overlooked by the other stories of the day.

The other story that came about from the weekend was the return of Tiger Woods. It is an amazing achievement to make the comp and walk the 4 days but I think the coverage was a bit over the top. At one point we watched him try to make par at +10. I completely understand what a great player he was and could possibly still be but with what other players were doing these were not the shots we needed to see. The other point that really gets missed about his recovery is that it was all caused by himself. He crashed his car with no one else involved doing 2/3 times the speed limit on a road notorious for crashes. It’s a recovery that he shouldn’t have had to be making in the first place.

To finish this on a better note, congratulations to Scottie Scheffler on a great performance and victory. With the form he is in could it be one of the greatest seasons of all time? We will have to wait and see.

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