Taking advantage of the better weather

Updated: May 2

It finally looks like we are going to have some warmer weather for a longer period of time..... (cross my fingers, touch wood and everything else not to Jinx it).

The warmer weather will change the way we play not just the amount of golf we play. The ball should start travelling further, it might not stop as quick, the course could change from early morning to afternoon. All these things need to be thought about so here is a few things to consider.

  • The Greens - they are likely to be firmer and continue to get firmer the later you play so make sure you take into account the ball not stopping as quick especially if you have a lower ball flight.

  • The Fairways - like the greens they are going to get firmer as the days goes on so you need to pay attention to slopes and the distance. If you play any dog legs or if your hitting irons take into account the extra run you could get.

  • The Ball Flight - with the warmer weather the ball should travel further through the air. Just like the fairways above you need to focus on the run out of the ball and any slopes.

  • Short Game - with firmer surrounds could make chipping and pitching more difficult. Depending on the bounce angle of your clubs you may start to thin the ball more often so make sure the ball is a little further back in your stance so you catching the ball first. This will make the shot slightly lower.

Hopefully you find these little tips useful. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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