Short Game Tips

Here are 3 simple ways to improve on your short game. A video will follow soon so make sure you sign up to the mailing list to receive it.

1. Make sure you select the right club

Too often I see people pulling out their most lofted club for any kind of chip or short shot. They watch the pros on TV and see the ball fly up and spin and think I can do that. The problem is that the majority can’t. This isn’t always down to technique, the ground conditions, green conditions, type of ball and cleanliness of club all have an impact. If you have a flat chip shot with nothing in the way, just use a 9 iron and play it like a putt. If you have a bunker to go over then get out the sand wedge and play it over. Making sure you use the right club for the right shot can have a big impact on your score.

2. Use a better ball

It might sound easy for me to say use a better ball but I do understand there is a cost to that and that people don’t want to lose expensive golf balls. There also has to be a trade off from the tee, if you use a softer ball distance and shape could be impacted so getting the right ball is important for all aspects. The reason we want a softer ball around the green though is to give us more control over the shot. When people use harder balls such as Pinnacles, Top Flights and Slazengers there is no control over the shot. It is always going to roll a lot and the feel off the face will be inconsistent. Using a softer ball, even something like a Srixon AD333 which isn’t that soft, could really improve your short game.

3. Practice your bunker shots

Bunker shots are not that difficult and yet people fear them. There are plenty of good videos explaining bunker shots (my own will be around shortly) and how to get out of them. The issue is people don’t practice bunkers shots. During our rounds we obviously avoid bunker as well. This results in people not hitting bunker shots for weeks on end. Then when a bunker shot arrives, we panic. The more you practice it the more comfortable you will feel. With doing this you’re your chipping will also improve. When you next have a chip over a bunker you wont fear going in the bunker taking the pressure off the chip. The chip will fly over the bunker and safely on the green and even if you do still hit it in the bunker you will be so good at them you’ll hole the bunker shot instead.

Hopefully you find these useful, if you sign up to the mailing list I send out a weekly video giving different tips.

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