Maybe its more than just rumbling

After last week it seemed that the new LIV golf group were starting to attract some of the more known names on tour. This week another name has come into play, Sergio Garcia.

Sergio has requested to go and play the first event but it wasn't his request that got people talking, it was his outburst whilst looking for a lost ball that got everyone talking. He said 'I cant wait to go play another tour' amongst a couple other things. This drew a lot of criticism among fans and some of the media as Sergio has won over $54 million on the PGA Tour. His outburst coupled with some questions thrown at Lee Westwood, who has also requested to play, made for some interesting conversations over the weekend.

Lee Westwood said what everyone else is thinking, this is a job and my job is to earn money. Rich Beem was very open about it and said we can talk about history and what competitions means but these plays don't play for the history they play because of the money they can make from it and at the end of the day money talks. These comments are exactly what I said last week that it is inevitable that this is going to happen one way or another. What I found interesting is that another tour, the golf premier league, have seen this as an opportunity to push there foot through the door and work with the PGA and DP World Tours. They also wanted to create a new format for golf but have maybe no realised they do not have the financial backing to compete with the new Saudi backed league.

It is being reported in the Telegraph that 40 DP World Tour players have put their requests in which have to be done by today. This coming week and the next week are going to be very interesting as we will find out if these requests are going to be granted.

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