Managing Expectations

As we continue planning and working towards our goals for the year something that needs to be looked at is how we manage our expectations. I spoke about the importance of having a plan in place to achieve our goals in the last blog post and following the plan is key to making sure we see a consistent improvement throughout the year.

At the start of the year we all have high optimism, 'this is the year' gets said a lot. With this optimism most people do start the year well. Everyone is putting the work in early and seeing things improve but this is the problem in my opinion. Instead of going to the range once a week every week through out the year people go 3/4 times a week at the start and really do see improvements. As they improve this illusion appears that I've got it its all done. We then get 3 months into the year and we are back where we started as the range sessions have stopped as we already believe we've made it.

Having a plan in place that spreads the practice out over time might not give us instant satisfaction with quick improvements but it will give us the best chance to making the improvements stick. Anyone who follows the PGA tour may have seen that on the 9th Jan Cam Smith broke the scoring record shooting 33 under par for his 4 rounds. In last weeks competition he didn't even make the cut to play the weekend. Golf games can vary in such huge amounts that we need to be mindful of our expectations. If we are planning to break 90 by April in our plan and we do it in February it doesn't mean that it's done the work must continue just as if we don't make it by April, it doesn't mean we can't achieve it we just haven't got there yet.

Make sure you stick to your plan and work with it to achieve the best results and keep your expectations in check.

If you would like any help in planning your goals please feel free to drop me a message and I will help any way I can.

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