Here we go again.....

This week see's the 2nd LIV golf event take place in Portland. The new tour hasn't showed any signs of slowing down having announced Abraham Ancer and Brookes Koepka. The DP World Tour finally came out with their punishment for the players that took part in the first event. All players were fined £100,000 and banned from a number of combined sanctioned events over the next couple months.

As this 2nd event has arrived more players having been speaking out about those that have made the move. Rory McIlroy has always been outspoken but now others such as Morikawa and Scheffler have been sharing their disappointment in the players moving over. It seems there is a divide between players. One story that has come out is that the players are saying one thing to each other and then doing other things behind their backs.

Although some have been hiding things from fellow players one of those who is unlikely to is Brooks Koepka. In his press interview he said he only really cared about the majors and the PGA Tour events played no significance in his game. This was received with a very mixed response. Whilst some people said it was about time these players were being honest others thought it showed a lack of respect that had to the tour that had given him a place to showcase his talents and win millions of dollars in prize money.

We have some big events coming up across the next couple weeks with The Open happening in just 3 weeks time. We will have to wait and see if more punishments appear after this weeks event and if any more players are added the the line up.

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