Does the ball matter?

In short, Yes, the ball does matter.

There are a number of different options these days with around 20 different ball manufactures all with a number of different models in their range. As golf is already expensive most people base their ball on the cost. Golf balls are easily lost so paying out for golf balls that are £3-£5 a ball seems a bit ridiculous to most.

When it comes to choosing your ball you must first decide what it is you want to achieve. If you want to have fun with your mates and just get round then stick with lake balls or the lower end in the price bracket. If you want to get good then you need to be paying attention to your game and the areas you struggle with.

The big trade off is distance for feel. Harder balls will go further than a softer ball but you lose control around the greens with chipping and putting. The softer ball will be easier to control round the greens but you'll lose distance. If you feel your a solid short game player than a harder ball will be better to get that extra distance, it will allow you to play lower clubs into the green to help lower your scores. Or if you go the other way and feel you hit it far enough you a softer ball to get more control around the greens and save shots when you do miss the target.

For me I always play a Pro V1. I am lucky enough to hit it far enough that I am happy with my distance so that I can control the ball better around the green. I actually feel my short game is the best part of my game so it is very important to me to have a ball that I feel I can control. I have tried the other premium balls from Srixon, Callaway and TaylorMade but just found myself more comfortable with the Pro V.

When recommending balls to clients I will always go into depth about their games before making a decision. If I meet people where I don't know enough about their games I will always recommend the Srixon AD-333. I think value for money it is the best ball you can buy for that sort of price. It's not too hard or soft and gives you plenty of feel and distance.

If you want any advice on golf balls feel free to drop me a message or go and speak to your local pro who may have more information on your game.

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