Course Management - Why it is so important

Something I feel that gets over looked is the importance of course management. So often you hear people say they are taking on the 'Tiger' line or the see a gap in the trees like Seve. It turns out that it isn't just the club golfers that suffer from poor course management as Rory showed on the last hole yesterday.

With 267 yards left into the par 5 last Rory needed birdie to win and par to join the playoff. The last green is a small target especially from that distance and with a bit of mud on his ball the smart option would have been to lay up and try to get up and down for birdie. That is not the Rory way though. He decided to take on the tough shot which resulted in the ball finishing in the water. He still had the chance to get up and down to save par but he made bogey and his chances of winning vanished. Rory is obviously one the best golfers around and clearly believed in his ability to hit the green but it was obvious that he should have played short of the water.

Most club golfers have a handicap and get shots. It is important to use these shots rather than taking on the big shot. If you play off 18 it does not mean that every hole has to be a bogey. Every one will have holes that they know they can do well on so making a double bogey is not the end of the world. Make sure if you do put your self out of position that you assess and make sure you keep the high numbers off your card.

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