Course Management Tips

Here are a few pointers on scoring better rounds, they could save you quite a few shots.

  • Play safe! - Such a common mistake is trying to make par from all over the course. the only time to take things on is in the last couple holes but before that take your medicine and play safe make bogey or double or what ever it is your making and recover on a different hole by making birdie or par.

  • Fairway Bunkers - A lot of them are rather flat with not much of a lip. Asses how the situation you are in but if its pretty flat use a club that is going to give you the best distance. To often people pick out a sand wedge when they could be hitting 7 iron.

  • Aiming - Probably the most underrated part of golf.... most people say I just want to hit the fairway or the green but don't actually line up with anything. Make sure you have a target in mind preferably at the middle of the fairway or green so that if it does go off line you still finish on the fairway or green.

  • Taking the right club - When you look at your shot in work out where all the trouble is, where do I not want to miss. Usually this would be front or back depending on the bunker positions. Once you have decided it should help pick the correct club. If you hit you PW 100 yards and the pin is tucked behind a bunker at 100 yards with plenty of green behind it, a soft 9 iron would be safer.

I hope you find these useful, if you have any questions on other situations then please let me know.

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