3 Simple Putting Tips

As the season rapidly approaches it is time to get the game in shape. Here are 3 simple things to do with your putting to avoid the dreaded 3 putt.

  1. Line up the ball - it amazes me the amount of people who still don't line the ball up with where they want it to start. Most manufactures have put arrows on the ball now as it is such common practice. Lining it up allows 2 things. Firstly it makes sure that we are starting the ball on the correct line and secondly if the line rolls end over end then we know that the putt had no or very little side spin on the ball. This will help tell us if we put a poor stroke on it or just got the line and pace wrong

  2. Look at the hole when making your practice swings - if I asked you to roll a ball into the whole you wouldn't spend the whole time staring at your hand would you? No of course not, you would be looking at the hole to get an idea of how hard you think you need to hit it. It is the same thing with your putting stroke. You can't judge how hard to hit it by looking at the ball during your practice swings, get that head up and look at the hole.

  3. Try and use a soft ball - this is a little different as a softer ball on the greens could impact distance and curvature off the tee and with your irons. If you play with a softer ball you get more feel and control off the clubface. This should lead to better distance control and really make a difference on those longer putts. Like I said you will have to look at the trade off but usually a softer ball will help around and on the greens.

Give these a try and let me know how you get on. I send weekly videos out with simple tips to follow so if you would like to receive those you can sign up on the home page.

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