10 tips to help break 100!

Here are 10 tips to help you break 100. They all link together so try to use them all if possible but just one of these 10 could make a real impact on your scoring. Let me know if they make a real difference to your game.

1. Find an easy course.

Sounds simple enough right! For a lot of people shooting under 100 is just a mental block rather than an actual problem. Find a course that is a little more forgiving and a little shorter in distance to help you overcome the mental barrier and you will be surprised how easy it comes once you have done it that first time.

2. Make sure you warm up.

One of the most common things I see with clients is the amount of time it can take to warm up and start hitting the ball well. When giving lessons on the simulator one of the first things every one notices is the distance the ball is going. Those first shorts going no where near the distance expected leading to everyone questioning the technology. Once we get 15/20 shots in the distance and direction become more consistent and everyone is happy. How many holes have you played before you have hit 15-20 shots? That does not include the putts either. You can start to see why it is so important to go and hit these shots in the nets or in the range before you head out.

3. Increase par on every hole by a shot.

If you are yet to break 100 you will not be expected to make par. Before you head out change the par o n each hole by one. Most courses have a par 72 so this would get you shooting 90. That leaves 10 extra shots in case there are any problems.

4. Play the percentage shot.

As much as we would all like to think we are Tiger Woods or Seve Ballesteros we sadly are not. Get the ball back in play and except a drop shot. We have those 10 extra shots if we need them.

5. Aim for the centre of the greens.

Most greens on a golf course are going to be a decent size but if we aim for the middle chances are we are not going to be more than 40 ft from the hole. By aiming for the middle, we take out any hazards around the green and we are always giving our selves a good chance of 2 putting each hole.

6. Putting practice is essential.

If we are aiming for the middle of those greens making sure we 2 putt at worst is going to be essential. It is so important to practice all lengths of putts so that we keep the 3 putts off the card.

7. Keep the ball in play off the tee.

Everyone loves to hit driver. Head to the driving range and you’ll notice over 50% have the driver out at any one time. A lot of practice goes into a club that may be used 14 times a round max. If you can hit a hybrid near 200 yards this will be plenty to break 100 round a golf course. It will help keep the ball in play and stop those lost balls.

8. Pitching and Chipping is key.

If you do take the advice of being a bit shorter off the tee, we may not be able to reach the middle of every green with our approach. Making sure that our pitch shots or chip shots finish on the green will still allow us to 2 putt making bogeys at worst, which is the plan from the beginning.

9. Do not add up your score until the end.

There is no need to put yourself under pressure. Just play your game, enjoy the round and add up the score in the bar after. If you stick to the plan above the score will take care of itself.

10. If you can play with someone shooting under 100 already.

You can always learn from other people, even if there are shooting 95 and you 105. You will notice what they are good at and where they are saving those extra shots. Everyone’s game is different but watching the course management is going to be very helpful because that is probably the difference.

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